Nathan Dial agreed to uphold a Pro-Gun Women Second Amendment Pledge that states: “I hereby pledge that my answers to these questions are as truthful as possible. I promise to defend the constitution, to not infringe on the second amendment, and to protect the rights of the people of New Mexico.”

Nathan Dial agrees that the definition of due process, as outlined in both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, prohibits the government from taking any action that would deprive a person of, “life, liberty or property without due process of law.” This includes a hearing before an impartial person, representation by an attorney, calling witnesses on one’s behalf, the ability to confront and cross-examine witness against you, a written decision with reasons based on evidence introduced, a transcript of the proceeding, and an opportunity to appeal the decision before the government takes a citizens property. Nathan understands that due process happens BEFORE property is taken from a New Mexico citizen.

The idea that America needs a Constitutional carry bill is proof that U.S. Citizens have forgotten how to be Americans. We already have one, it’s the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights

Nathan Dial – House of Representatives District 70

Nathan also agrees to vote AGAINST Extreme Risk Protection Orders, also known as Red Flag, mandatory gun storage, AR-15 bans, magazine bans, and taxes on guns and ammo.

*Grades are solely based on the answers provided and does not reflect an endorsement by PGW. This grade is subject to change based on legislative voting, public statements regarding gun issues, or when new information becomes available. PGW reserves the right to change a candidate’s grade at any time. For a copy of the actual questions, please email

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