By Stefani Lord

SANTA FE – An overwhelming majority of adults in New Mexico do not want a Red Flag law that violates a person’s due process by temporarily removing firearms based on an accusation and without a trial that allows the accused to defend themselves and cross-examine witnesses. Instead, with a Red Flag Bill, the accused is assumed guilty and must prove their innocence after the firearms are taken. Because this is a civil case, the accused must pay for all their legal fees.   

The online poll found that 99% of adults oppose Red Flag law and 1% support.  

Polling information

242 people replied to the poll on Facebook, and 256 people relied on Twitter. The total number of respondents was 498 in 18 hours. 

Would you vote for this Red Flag Bill?


99% NO

1% Yes



96% NO

4% Yes

With one person commenting that they “meant to vote NO” and hit the wrong button accidentally.  


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